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Caring for your Hair in the Rainy Season

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When the weather is cool, we often assume our hair doesn’t need to be cared for. On the contrary, black African type 4 hair is the most fragile of all the hair types and can very easily get damaged without proper care.

Here are some things to do:


A moisturizer is a blend of oils and water designed to maintain the moisture levels in your hair.¬† While it is true that the scalp tends to generate more oil during the cooler seasons, it’s still important to moisturize your hair as natural oils can’t travel the entire length of our coily hair. Moisturize by lightly spraying your hair with water, then apply a creamy lotion leave-in, hair butter and then oil to seal in the moisture.


It is also the perfect time to get a protective style. The weather is cool enough to have braids without worrying about a sweaty and itchy scalp.


This is also the time to try that DIY deep conditioning you’ve been saving in your screenshots. Try these easy ones we found on this¬†website¬†too.


When you get caught in the rain, do well to wash out the rain water and dry well to close the cuticles. This will reduce frizz and also prevent messing with your hair porosity.


Finally, this is a no brainer. Invest in a good umbrella or waterproof jacket to protect your hair during the rains. Don’t think that because your hair is not relaxed, you don’t need any protection. Rain water is not good for our hair because of the many pollutants and impurities it carries from the environment.

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