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Easter 2017 – Latest trends in natural hair

Easter is big in Ghana.  It is second only to Christmas as it is a period of merry making, and lots of church and family reunions. As such it is a great time for a display of hair styles.
Here are twists & Locs we want to give you an idea of whats trending in natural hair styling.
1. The Janelle Pompadour

This is a simple braided style that can be accessorized with a fascinator or with a hair clip to make it even fancier.

2. French braid updos

These are also simple and are elegant with very little effort. Make this style your own with variations of the top part of the style. You can twist the front, roll it or just pile it high.

3. Braid up and twists out down

This is a look that Issa Rae had recently created by the amazing Felicia Leatherwood.  It is sophisticated as well as fun. Be inspired and make this look your own.

You can achieve this look with your own hair and if you need a little help from some kinky hair extensions, go ahead (we won’t tell anyone!).
Easter also means Church Picnics and beach days so here are some trendy styles to keep
you look stylish whilst being active.

4. Faux Locs ( also called False locs)

These have come a long way in style and type. There are a umber of variations on the market, Nubian locs, the cane type or even the ones that are created with sewn extensions. Depending on the look you want to create, the amount of time you want to keep the locs in and how realistic you want the dreadlocks to be. We offer a range of them. Just call and discuss your options.

5. Goddess Locs 

Easy to maintain. These are a sexier, softer version of the popular faux locs (dreadloc extensions).

6.Goddess Braids / Corn rows

These are a cross between regular cornrows with extensions. They can be single or double braids and the beauty is in the angling of the braid and the fun lines and curves.Hope we inspired your Easter hairstyle!!!

xoxo naturalistas

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