Hurray, we are 8 years!!

September is our Anniversary month!!!!

Its hard to imagine that we are 8 yrs in the business of caring for natural hair. Birthdays are always a time of taking stock and reflecting on progress so here is a little bit of our story:

Happy 8th Birthday!!

The very beginning

We opened shop in September 2009 in a modest space in Nyaniba, Osu. Not knowing how Accra would receive a salon totally focused on natural hair, we were prepared for the worst. By the end of the first three months however, we knew we were on to something. Not only were we building a fan base, but we were also discovering that lots of people who had been curious about natural hair now had a central location to get information, support and that extra push to take the next step. Over these past few years, we have been the starting point for many naturalistas and also natural hair stylists and we are proud to acknowledge the talents that we helped to shape.

Expansion- New locations loaded

With an equal helping of fear and hope we moved to a bigger space in 2015 and then swiftly opened a branch in Okponglo, East Legon in 2016. A truly taxing experience. Running a single location is not the same as two locations and requires an upgrade in processes, systems and resources management.  We have had missteps but we always make sure to correct when we our clients draw our attention.

Our clients are fiercely loyal and give us sincere and frank feedback. Sometimes it is a commendation and other times it is chastisement to get in line. As they say, those who love you tell you about because they want you to improve. We have grown the most via word of mouth so we strive to ensure we don't disappoint those who recommend us.

Dangling logo at 8

Our Promise to our Clients

We strive for a cosy, warm, welcoming and special place where natural hair is treasured and pampered and where you can be guaranteed of a great experience. 2017 has been fun and we can't wait to celebrate out 10th Anniversary.

Natural Hair Conversations with my Mother

This Mother's day, take the opportunity to share the gift of natural hair with your mother at Twists & Locs Salon. If you are in your 20's or 30's your decision to wear your hair natural might be a tough concept for your mum to get her head around.

Of course she had short hair growing up like all of us but something happened to her.

They are the generation that wore afros and sang 'I'm Black and Proud'. However once that Black power and black consciousness was no longer fashionable, society changed them. It made them believe natural hair was not professional, was low class and was something mature and responsible people didn't sport.

Young lady with an afro Hair style from the 60s

Think about it. The generation that listened to James Brown and Jimmy Cliff are the ones that are often quick to criticize us when we even contemplate going natural. Yes, there are a few who never bought into the perm and weave mind set, but for many straight hair is the modern option. It is in fact the only acceptable option.

 Luckily for them and us, as they are aging and getting more health conscious they have started to wonder. They are learning about the extent of damage that chemically processing their hair over all these years did to them. They are sadly loosing their hairline and experiencing balding as a result of the harsh chemicals. They are encouraged by the growing number of their peers who are wearing their hair natural or very short confidently and colorfully. In short, they are thinking seriously about returning to their natural roots.


This mother's day have a conversation with your mother about her natural hair. Try to understand the reasons for her choices and if she has been too scared to try, encourage her to take that bold step.

Young girl with doll. A James Barnor Original photo from the 1970s


We are here to support and to give them the attentive care they require as they make this transition.

We'd love to hear some of the stories they share with you. How did your mother first react when you decided to go natural? Has she shared with you stories and tricks that they used to care for their hair back when they were children?

We look forward to reading your comments.


Remember to stay beautiful, naturally, of course.


5 Ways to Prevent Buildup on Locs









Locs are a beautiful, natural low-maintenance hairstyle, but they're not considered no maintenance.

They still require cleansing and conditioning the same as loose tresses. One issue that loc wearers may encounter is more buildup than the average person.

This is because tightly bound hair can trap products and debris, and due to individual locs' makeup, it's not as easy to get rid of excess products that become trapped inside them.

For the healthiest locs, however, preventing buildup is a must. Unhealthy locs can thin and even fall off. To avoid losing precious hair, don't let buildup begin in the first place.

These four tips are designed to keep locs clean and lightweight.

  • Have a Cleansing Routine in Place
  • Stick to Lightweight Products
  • Use a Light Hand During Application
  • Clarifying Cleansers


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Easter 2017 – Latest trends in natural hair

Easter is big in Ghana.  It is second only to Christmas as it is a period of merry making, and lots of church and family reunions. As such it is a great time for a display of hair styles. 
Here are twists & Locs we want to give you an idea of whats trending in natural hair styling.
1. The Janelle Pompadour

This is a simple braided style that can be accessorized with a fascinator or with a hair clip to make it even fancier. 

Janelle Pompadour 











2. French braid updos

These are also simple and are elegant with very little effort. Make this style your own with variations of the top part of the style. You can twist the front, roll it or just pile it high. 

      French upFrench braid complex



3. Braid up and twists out down

This is a look that Issa Rae had recently created by the amazing Felicia Leather-wood.  It is sophisticated as well as fun. Be inspired and make this look your own.

You can achieve this look with your own hair and if you need a little help from some kinky hair extensions, go ahead (we won't tell anyone!). 
Easter also means Church Picnics and beach days so here are some trendy styles to keep
you looking stylish whilst being active. 

Issa rae hair










4. Faux Locs ( also called False locs)

These have come a long way in style and type. There are a umber of variations on the market, nubien locs, the cane type or even the ones that are created with sewn extensions. Depending on the look you want to create, the amount of time you want to keep the locs in and how realistic you want the dreadlocs to be. We offer a range of them. Just call and discuss your options.

Faux Locs/ False Dread Locs    Faux Locs











5. Goddess Locs 

Easy to maintain. These are a sexier, softer version of the popular faux locs (dreadloc extensions).

 Goddess Locs      Goddess Locs











6.Goddess Braids / Corn rows

These are a cross between regular cornrows with extensions. They can be single or double braids and the beauty is in the angling of the braid and the fun lines and curves. 

Goddess Braid/ cornrow   Goddess Braids/ Cornrows


Hope we inspired your Easter hair style!!! 


xoxo naturalistas



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Locked Hair Blog Exchange

Your locs journey will take you through five stages:

  • Starter locs,
  • Baby
  • Teenage
  • Mature and
  • Rooted

Stage 1 - Starter Locs

And so it begins…  Depending on how you choose to start the locing process, your hair will be in two strand twists, comb coils, single braids or loc extensions.
A lot of us want to maintain our locs. If you want the professional re-twist look, this blog post is for you.

What is Re-twisting or Palm-Rolling?

Re-twisting is a method of maintaining the length of your locs and locking the new growth of your hair. In the process, fuzzy hair is tightened around the length of the locs and the roots are twisted to maintain the form of the cylindrical form of the loc.

Stage 2 - Baby

You notice that your new growth is puffy and your starter style is fuzzy. This is a good time to practice a re-twisting routine for new growth. Make sure to keep track of the original section partings when re-twisting to maintain a consistent and uniform size

Stage 3 - Teenage

Like real-life teenagers, this may be the stage where you wonder what's going on with your hair. Too short to lie down easily, your teenage locs may seem to sprout all over your head and go in the directions they want to go. This can be a tough stage (especially if you have to put up with negative comments), but if you can persevere, you'll enjoy what's coming

Stage 4 - Mature

About 18 months after beginning locs, you should be at this stage, where your locs are long enough to lie flat or hang down. You don't have to re-twist your new growth as often. Locs should be thick enough to support themselves. You'll probably be very comfortable with your locs by now and enjoy a regular shampooing and conditioning routine.

Stage 5 - Rooted

Once you reach this stage, your locs are firmly in place. While super-long locs are the envy of some, hair that falls past your waist can be heavy and cumbersome. You can trim your locs to a manageable length if needed. Your hair care routine can be as simple or complex as you like, but rooted locs require little more than regular cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing.


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