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What you should know about Alopecia

The term Alopecia simply means Hair Loss. Here are the 5 types of Alopecia you should know about and may be even able to identify after reading this blog post.

1. Male or female pattern baldness. It’s a permanent hair loss from the scalp, causing baldness. While the patterns of baldness for men and women differ, they both have a common genetic cause.

2. Alopecia Areata: Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap. Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles and may be brought on by severe stress.

3. Traction Alopecia : It’s a form of acquired hair loss that results from prolonged or repetitive tension on the scalp hair. You can develop this condition if you often wear your hair in a tight ponytail, bun, or tight braids, especially if you use chemicals or heat on your hair.

4. Telogen effluvium: A reversible condition in which hair falls out after a stressful experience. The stress pushes large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase. Within a few months, those hairs can fall out. Types of stress can include surgery, childbirth and serious illness.

5. Anagen effluvium is an abnormal, rapid loss of hair. It can be caused by drugs used for cancer treatment or exposure to certain toxic chemicals.

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