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“Why is my hair breaking?”



We get a lot of questions in our dms on  “what to do about hair breakage”.  So we are here to help you understand why that is happening.

Your hair could be breaking for a number of reasons:

  •  Do you have split ends? Old dead ends tend to split and these split ends, if left unattended travel all the way up your hair shaft, causing severe breakage. The solution for this is a trim above the point of the split. We advise you get a professional trim, however till you can get one, we suggest an at-home hot oil treatment. This will seal the hair strands, help reduce frizz and moisturize your dry hair. Here is a link to getting the best out of the process.
  • Is your hair very dry? Your hair could be overly dry because it is not well moisturized. A moisturizing deep conditioning treatment will help solve this. Here are some easy DIY’s to try at home. Don’t forget to follow a daily moisturizing routine. You can do this by using the LCO method. First you lightly spritz your hair with water or apply a Leave-In Conditioner, then go in with a cream like a shea or cocoa butter mix and finally seal the moisture in with oil. This is especially important during the dry seasons.
  • Is your hair damaged? If you have bleached and dyed hair or use heat on your hair more frequently, your hair is more prone to drying out and breaking.  Allow your hair to air dry, use low heat settings or use no heat methods such as banding, threading, and remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
  • Are you over manipulating your hair? Our hair is very fragile and is easily stressed. Stressed from all the tugging, experimenting and tight styles. Remember to be gentle with your hair and remember that the less you fuss with it, the more it will flourish.

*Hair hack! After washing and moisturizing your hair, style it in a low manipulation style like chunky twists. Chunky twists are not boring. Check out this YouTube tutorial on 5 easy ways to style your chunky twists.

General tips to protect your hair.

  • Protect your hair: We can’t emphasize this enough, cover your hair at night by sleeping in a silk/satin bonnet or scarf. Alternatively, you can use a satin/ silk pillowcase. This will ensure that your moisturized hair does not dry out.
  • Train your hair: Yes it’s true, you can “train” your hair.  With a consistent regimen and by ensuring you are proactive about things like detangling, your “hard” unmanageable hair can be transformed into well-conditioned, well nourished healthy hair.
  • Eat for your hair: Finally, check your diet to ensure you are eating a healthy diet and you are getting enough vitamins. Also drink lots of water as good health results in long shiny healthy hair.


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