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 Do you really want your edges back?

Let’s be honest, most people say they want their edges back but everything they do is actually the opposite. Doubt us? Well then read on.

Usually when our clients come to us distraught about their edges we console and empathize then begin the hard work of figuring out what has happened. It is at this point that many push back and simply ask that we recommend a product to quickly repair the damage.

Sisters, let’s gather here. Can we tell you a secret?  No, quick fixes exist.

That’s a fact and so before we jump to attempting to fix the issue, we need understand what actually happened. So, our diagnostic question to you is “what are YOU doing to your edges?”

-Are you constantly slicking your edges down with edge gels that are very drying to our hair and cause breakage?

-Are your hairbrushes gentle on your edges or are they very rigid and brittle (you know the kind you like to use to slick your curly hair into submission)?

-Are you constantly in weaves and weave caps or in glued down lace fronts?

-Are you installing braids that are too tight or big jumbo braids and faux locs that are far too heavy for your fragile baby hairs?

-Are you protecting your hair while you sleep or you wish you hair luck at night and just fall in your bed to sleep?

-Are you keeping your hair moisturised during the week regardless of your hairstyle and paying attention to your edges?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, err dear friend, YOU are what happened to your edges.

But never fear, help for your edges is here beginning with a change of your habits.

  • Many clients who complain about their edges are constantly in weaves without taking good care of their hair. With the heat and humidity of the Ghanaian weather you must wear a breathable wig cap or a capless wig. Traditional wig caps do not allow air circulation and this causes breakage.  Additionally, wig caps that sit right on the hairline cause a lot of friction against the hairline. The challenge with lace fronts and weaves that use glue is that the chemicals used to dissolve the glue dries your edges making them brittle and prone to breakage.
  • Do not install braids continuously. Take breaks between braiding and be sure to deep condition, moisturize and give your edges time to recover from the strain of carrying braids. Also, make sure your hairstylist does not braid your baby hairs when installing braids. In addition, do not keep in braids for too long as dirt gathers at the base and if not taken down carefully, can cause knots and break your edges.
  • Moisturise your edges before applying edge control and wash off the edge control each night before you sleep.
  • Do not put your hair in high tight buns or heavily gelled and slicked styles. The brushing and amount of drying gel needed to achieve these looks causes you to lose your edges.
  • Protect your hair with a silk or satin scarf/pillowcase/bonnet. If you are using a scarf or bonnet, make sure it does not sit on your hairline but on your forehead.
  • Finally take breaks in-between hair styles by opting for low manipulation styles that will allow for treatment of your hair, will enable you to apply nourishing products and allow the products to work.

For products that will help grow your edges, there aren’t miracle products that will grow your hair overnight. Some products we recommend to help you along the process include Hair growth vitamins, Groganics Root Lifter, ORS Hair Restore fertilizing serum, Prime Kinks Grow Me Fast Cocktail as well as Jamaican Black Castor Oil (all in stock in our shops and online). These oils help to stimulate the hair follicles and help with growth. With time and tender loving care and you will surely have your edges back!

If none of the above works, it might be time to see a trichologist or a medical professional.

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