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All you need to know to start your locs



We have been getting a number of enquiries from clients who want to loc their hair but then aren’t sure of the first step to take. We know that all the information out there can be a bit overwhelming so we simplify it all for you in this piece.

The methods used to start your locs are mostly dependent on your hair texture, how you want your locs to look long term, your lifestyle and how long you can spare for maintenance. The smaller the locs, the longer it takes to loc new growth.

  • Interlocking is one of the popular ways to start locs due to the fact that the process of interweaving the hair helps the hair to loc faster. This process is also referred to as instant locs. For Sister locs for example, because of it’s tiny size they can only be installed and maintained through interlocking. Even though it comes with minimal discomfort, for others this process is too painful to bear. You might want to keep this in mind for the installation and subsequent maintenance. Click here to see an installation we did for micro locs. Due to the small size of sister locs, it takes about 3 hours to lock new growth.

  • The crochet method is another method of achieving instant locs. Here the crochet pin is used to weave the hair together. The method achieves less bumps in the locs as opposed to the interlocking method. It is also a great way to attach loc extensions.
  • Starting locs using 2 strand twists or 3 strand braids are also a popular way to install micro locs or normal sized locs. This is a fairly pain free method but it takes longer for the hair to loc and the patterns of the braids or twists might take a year or more to completely fade out. This method can be used to start micro locs, regular locks or chunky locs. Subsequent maintenance can either be done through interlocking or palmrolling.
  • Comb coils are also another popular way of starting locs. Comb coils are usually used to start traditional “Marley looking” locs. Due to the hollow nature of the coils, it takes some time to fill up and properly loc. This type also tends to unravel a lot but is fairly simple to install. If you decide to go this route, we advise a light water based gel instead of wax to hold the curls together and subsequent maintenance. This will ensure that you don’t have a lot of product residue in your hair. Subsequently, the locs are usually maintained using plamrolling.


  • Back brushing is another way to install locs. The hair is brushed backwards to intertwine. This is smoothed by palm rolling or crocheting. This method is usually used to loc Caucasian hair or fine hair.
  • Freeform: Like the name suggests, it’s free form and you don’t have to do much. You just have to leave the hair to grow organically without combing and the locs will mature on their own.


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